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GIS on the web is OK….sometimes

Posted on 04 Oct 2011 in shank | 11 comments

Something caught my eye the other day – it was a tweet about the usability of GeoExt as toolkit for building web mapping applications. In the past couple of years it’s been popular to criticise web mapping applications which were\are designed based upon the expectations of desktop GIS users. Before we all jump on the […]

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Brewing Maps with TileMill

Posted on 03 Oct 2011 in rib | 1 comment

The Melbourne Open GIS meetup has been growing for a little while now and last Thursday it was great to see our biggest crowd yet assembled at OpenHub for some beer and banter. As usual it was a good melting pot of folks who share a common interest in maps. After some shoddy technical ramblings […]

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Methodology Smells

Posted on 07 Sep 2011 in shank | 0 comments

In this post I’d like to provide some guidance when selecting consultants to do your project work, specifically I’d like to discuss the various methodologies that consultants say they adopt when delivering projects. First off I’ve got to admit (..before I start ranting) that I’ve spent a number of years with my head lodged firmly […]

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Ignoring properties when serialising to Json

Posted on 06 Sep 2011 in loin | 0 comments

This afternoon I was figuring out an interface for a service and I was trying to establish a nice way of exposing an object as a Json parameter in .Net. The object I wanted to work with is a standard .Net class, however it has properties that I didn’t want to confuse the user with […]

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Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

Posted on 18 Aug 2011 in loin | 0 comments

Software products are attractive. Developing a successful software product can reap benefits. If you’re running your own business, selling services or somebody else’s products,  software of your own may well be attractive. After all, once you have the software succeeding in the market you’re more independent and potentially making a good margin once you’ve recouped your  initial development costs. If […]

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Posted on 13 Apr 2011 in rib | 0 comments

This post is inspired in part by Eric Wolf’s comments on the recent NoGIS post by Sean Gorman. Whilst I’m not going to pretend to truly appreciate what’s pythonic or not I agree with Eric’s comments and have my own twopence to contribute to the conversation. You may ask: “What qualifies you to talk to […]

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