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Falling in love with maps…… again

Posted on 06 May 2014 in loin | 0 comments

A wee while ago I lost my map mojo. I’m not sure where it went.

The work I do is so often framed as a GIS or spatial problem, but more often than not the end solution is built around the adoption of other (non-spatial) technology and changes to processes and the way people work. In amongst the complexity I felt the spatial stuff was the simple stuff and my map mojo ebbed away.

At Easter I found myself back in New Zealand after a number of years away. My family had a break on the wonderful Waiheke. When we arrived on Waiheke it seemed all very familiar. As I navigated the winding, lush, fern laden roads a flood of memories came back to me. Even the names of the streets felt comfortable. Somewhere in my memory I’d been here before.


Over six years ago we held (AFAIK) the first ever OpenStreetMap mapping party in NZ. I remember how blown away I was with the Openstreetmap project in its infancy – it was going to be big. The democratisation of map making. On that beautiful Saturday I drove those streets on Waiheke, recording the waypoints and street names. It was this act of map making that left those memories with me. I loved being able to re discover these places and even find the traces of my memories:

Mapbutcher changesets

Take a moment and make a map the next time you travel. You may even find your map mojo.



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